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“The resulting book is everything a natural history should be.” Stephen Bodio, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology’s Living Bird

“The ‘narrow edge’ of the title could be the shoreline that demarcates the journey, but it also describes the delicate and imperiled balance of birds, crabs, beaches and ocean… I have a compass, GPS, and radio,’ [Cramer] writes. ‘The birds have—what? By the end of this journey I am more in awe than when I began.’ Follow her graceful writing for the full 9,500 miles and you will share in that awe.” Laurence Marschall, Natural History

“Elegiac yet riveting…brilliantly written…”  British Trust for Ornithology

“The Narrow Edge is…first and foremost, a deeply moving declaration of love for one particular bird…when  Cramer pays tribute to the people who give a voice to the birds and crabs that cannot speak for themselves, her book soars.” Christoph Irmscher, The Weekly Standard

“By focusing on the plight of one flagship species and the people who have dedicated their lives to understanding how to protect it, this book shows how conservation efforts are critical to maintaining coastal biodiversity. It also offers important lessons and strategies that may be implemented for the protection and preservation of other species.” Nigel Clark (British Trust for Ornithology), Science

“A scientific page-turner, full of intricacies and astonishment…elegantly written…a must for anyone interested in the natural world, our relationship to it, and our stewardship of it.” Philadelphia Inquirer

“An eloquent interweaving of history, field practice and keen personal observation.” Nature

Writing of “Hope and Harm Along Our Coasts,” Cornelia Dean, reviewing The Narrow Edge in The New York Times, ends quoting Cramer.  Red knots “have taken the measure of a shoreline running the length of the earth…As we lose our bearings, their long flights offer a compass.”

“When the lives of horseshoe crabs and migrating sandpipers intersect, past and future are joined.  If there’s any doubt about the interconnectedness of all sentient things, The Narrow Edge puts the question to rest.  Daniel Wood, Hakai Magazine

“This highly readable and important work is recommended for birders, ecotourists, and anyone with an appreciation for the wonders of the natural world.” Library Journal